Is your website mobile friendly?

Is your website mobile friendly?

What are the top 3 things you should know about your website and mobile devices?


1: The website should be easy to use for your customers.

Help your site’s visitors to complete their objectives. They may want to be entertained by your blog posts, get your restaurant’s address, or check reviews on your products. The goal with everything you do on mobile is to make your clients lives easier.

Your website should be designed to help make it easier for your clients to complete their task.

Outline the potential steps in your clients experience to make sure the steps are easy to complete on a mobile device. You want to streamline the experience and reduce the amount of user interactions to as little as possible. An example, is a customer will browse to your website, click on a particular product category, click on the product they want, then proceed to checkout.


2: Measure the effectiveness of your website by how easily mobile clients can complete common tasks.

A mobile website requires prioritization. Work out what the most important tasks are for your mobile clients. Also, to support ease of use, focus on consistency and providing a unified experience across all platforms.

The most important thing for mobile users, is ease of use. This will ensure a greater end user experience and increase retention with your clients.


3: Utilize a responsive web design.

Ensure that the same client uses the same URL and website code whether the user is on a desktop, tablet, or mobile phone – It is only the 'display' that will adjust by responding appropriately according to the screen size.

One of the benefits of responsive website design is that you will only need to maintain one version of your website instead of two (as in, instead of having and also, you will only need to maintain as it will respond accordingly to each device)


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